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Is a Limited Company the best option for you?

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Contracting through a limited company can be a great way to maximise your income. It can also be a great way to stay in control of your personal income. But contracting through a limited is company is not always the best option for everyone.
Are you allowed to contract through a limited company?
A good place to start is to contact your employment agency and ask them if you can contract through a limited company. If you're not finding your contracts through a recruitment agency, but with your own marketing then you will most likely be able to get paid through a limited company. (Click here for more information on why you may not be able to work through your own limited company (IR35)).
Is a limited company the most tax efficient way to get paid?
To be able to calculate the most tax efficient option for you, we'll need some basic information. We’ll use this information to calculate the rate you’ll be taxed at for the different employment options in the UK.
Enter your gross pay (before tax):
Business Expenses:
As a director of a limited company you’ll be able to deduct valid business expenses. A valid business expense is an expense incurred ‘wholly and exclusively for business purposes’. These can incluse travel costs, accounting fees, computer equipment etc. (Click here for more information regarding business expenses.)

Please enter the average amount of business expenses you might incur while contracting through a limited company:
Average Expense Amount (if any):
Flat Rate VAT (Optional):
It might be possible for you to register for the Flat Rate VAT scheme. This could have a significant impact on your income. If you're contracting through an employment agency you can ask them if you'll be able to register for VAT. (Click here for more information abou the Flat Rate VAT Scheme.)

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Calculation Results:

Based on the information you entered we recommend . You can click on the 'Recommended - Why?' link below for a more detailed explanation of why we recommend this service. We also calculated the persentage you'll be taxed at for some other employment options. Needles to say the lower the persentage the better.

You can select a different option if you're not satisfied with our recommendation. Once you're satisfied with the selection, have a look to see if your company name is available
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